Salon Hair Treatments & Hair Care

Your hairstyle says a lot about you, which is why we’re so honored when our clients trust us to define their looks. At Addiction Hair salon, we provide professional salon hair treatments and hair care to keep your hair looking stylish and healthy.

We’re providing the most professional and passionate hair care services in Ottawa. Our stylists work with you one on one to give you the personal treatment that Addiction Hair Salon is known for. Your stylists will choose the right treatment just for your hair to give your hair a luxurious look and feel.

Exclusive Treatment Deal

If your hair is important to you, we know you’ll want to take that extra step to ensure it’s long-term health. To keep you hair colour vibrant, glowing and feeling hydrated,we’ve put together this exclusive, 5 week treatment offer that will give your hair the volume and shine it deserves.

Hydrate your hair, enhance it’s radiance and take home the look you deserve.

5 Hair Treatments | 5 Weeks | Only $200

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