Hair Color Removers

Hair Color Removers

So you’ve colored your hair and don’t like the result, what do you do next? Most women find it a “hair-raising” experience when the hair color they chose turns out to be a “not-so-right” thing for them. However, these situations no longer have to be that traumatic with the advancement of hair color removers.

Hair color removers are designed to bring back the original color of the hair. So one doesn’t have to suffer the embarrassing “red” or messed up color they did with their hair. There are various brands of hair color removers in the market today. Check out these hair color removers:

Color Oops Extra Strength Hair Color Remover

This hair color remover gently removes semi-permanent or permanent hair color. It brings back the hair’s original color and takes only twenty minutes from application. The ingredients are safe, ammonia and bleach free, and one can re-color the hair during the same day. Color Oops is easy to use and is an effective way of removing “unwanted” hair color within twenty-minutes.

The product works by shrinking down the molecules of the hair color so they become so small and just washes away. Its ammonia and bleach free ingredient makes it safe without the damaging effects that other products contain. Since several permanent hair colors lighten the hair in the process of coloring, removing it may not restore the natural or original shade of the hair.

Clairol The Uncolor System Haircolor Remover

This hair color remover is a “semi-permanent” hair color remover that gently, quickly, and easily leaves the hair clean and set for re-coloring. It removes temporary and semi-permanent colors and leaves the natural color of the hair untouched. It takes away the “build-up” of styling aids leftovers, leaving the hair soft, supple, and ready for color.

One simply needs to apply the product to dry hair from “applicator” bottle, working up a lather and ensuring that every hair is covered. The hair is then wrapped in a plastic cap and left for 30 minutes under “pre-heated” dryer. Rinsing, shampooing and conditioning follows and then hair is ready for re-coloring.

Hair color removers are the easy solutions to “slip-ups” in hair coloring; one can say goodbye to thwarting hair colors by bringing back the natural one or re-coloring it with a better one. Whether removing unwanted colors on the hair or simply wanting to wear a new one, these hair color removers are easy-to-use products that do the job.

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