Fashion Hair Styles

Fashion Hair Styles

Who remembers the “feathered look” in the 80’s when huge hair was a craze. Fashion hairstyles from the 70’s and 80’s are “dramatic” reminders of how outrageous and completely silly some hairstyles can be –it’s a good thing some styles don’t stay for good. However, they may have looked fantastic at that time so almost everybody wanted to wear them. Fashionable hairstyles will come and go, but they’d always be influenced by famous celebrities.

Some hairstyles have continued to be in fashion as they’ve made their first “splash” on some popular heads. If you’re “hair-wise” you’d want to sport something that just doesn’t seem to go out of fashion. There are two very hot fashion hair styles that have been a “talk” in the fashion scene, the “Versatile Cut” and the “Dimensional Shag”.

So what makes these two fashion hair styles a “cut” above other styles? Well, these hairstyles for this year’s summer and spring season are “trendy” yet versatile. A feminine and soft look is absolutely “in”. Blonde and warm golden tones create a “personalized” statement in hairstyles.

The “Dimensional Shag” is referred to as a “deconstructed cut”. This means that the haircut is “less defined” so it may be worn in various ways. Women with long hair can try it in shoulder-length with bangs or fringe and sides. Those with shorter hair can use a hair dryer and coax the bangs while outwardly fluffing its ends to achieve the same look. Adding streaks underneath, on top, or only around the face will create and extra glamorous touch.

The “Versatile Cut” is another hot new trendy hairstyle. It is a modified version, which is long at the top and short underneath. It appears “smashing” especially on dense hair through thinning the extra hair. One has to option to have its long, medium, or short versions. It looks best when sleek and gelled that hugs the head. It may also be sported in bouncy, carefree, or fuller way to permit more movement. These two fashion hair styles are popular with every age group and give a classic look on every woman.

Fashion hairstyles for young women and women over forty will slightly differ in trend. Trendy hairstyles for men also vary in great ranges, and the currently “in” thing is men having short or long hair or even bald heads. However, there are also current styles that men can sport, and these styles are also greatly influenced by popular male celebrities.

Sporting fashion hair styles is just a matter of how one wears it. Even the simplest hair trend can look glamorous and fashionable if it is worn with confidence. Of course, having the right choice for fashion hairstyles that best suits the facial feature is the first step.

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