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Fashion Hair Styles

Who remembers the “feathered look” in the 80’s when huge hair was a craze. Fashion hairstyles from the 70’s and 80’s are “dramatic” reminders of how outrageous and completely silly some hairstyles can be –it’s a good thing some styles don’t stay for good. However, they may have looked fantastic at that time so almost […]

Hair Color Removers

So you’ve colored your hair and don’t like the result, what do you do next? Most women find it a “hair-raising” experience when the hair color they chose turns out to be a “not-so-right” thing for them. However, these situations no longer have to be that traumatic with the advancement of hair color removers. Hair […]

Hair Products

With today’s varied hairstyles and rampant hair coloring, every woman and man alike will surely need hair products to care for their hair and preserve its beautiful looks. There are numerous hair products in the market today that goes beyond the basics of shampoo and conditioners. Aside from the usual daily care hair products, products […]


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